Our story starts a long time ago, a passion born in the 1990s amidst long-sighted intuition and new opportunities.

The founders of AL.CA. have a lot of specialised experience behind them in the production of innovative products which has allowed them to proceed with the company’s progress with strategic vision.
AL.CA. was founded in 1998 specialising in the production of cabling. Since then there have been continuous investments in state-of-the-art machinery and technology and constant training of human resources. The change has been a rapid one: from cabling to electrical panels, with an average annual growth of 20%.
Today, the company is distinguished by its team of specialised professionals who challenge themselves everyday to achieve goals by effective teamwork.

Punctuality, flexibility, care for detail and control of the values that distinguish us.

Our primary thought is for client satisfaction. Our clients know that we work hard to offer products that are made according to their needs and to ensure expert assistance. To guarantee this certainty, every small detail is carefully attended to and checked, starting with the cleanliness of the work environment. We share the production philosophy of Lean Production, we constantly take care of the production layout, in order to minimise the movement of materials and people.
The AL.CA. team knows this motto perfectly well: “control what can be measured, improve what can be controlled”. This is why we have grown year by year. Our experience allows us to guarantee a reliable manufacturing process with an excellent standard of quality.

The employees? They are the real power of our brand.

AL.CA could not exist without the employees that bring our company to life. We would not be rapid, punctual and competitive without the commitment of each person, including those who are no longer with us but who have left a permanent mark.
Respect, commitment, passion and collaboration are our guiding values.
The management constantly commits to offering training opportunities and to creating team spirit.