The AL.CA. team is highly specialised in air-conditioning. We develop high energy-efficient systems. We make electrical control panels to client specifications and also offer design services if requested. Our several years’ collaboration with Clivet S.p.A. (Midea Group) has allowed us to increase our specific skills in the development of control panels.


AL.CA promotes and supports green technologies in the HVAC (Heat Ventilation Air conditioning and Cooling) sector. We make panels for refrigeration counters, refrigeration cells and rapid temperature reducers. We guarantee flexibility, speed and the capacity to provide accurate responses to client needs via our assistance service.


Thanks to our consolidated know-how in this sector, we create electrical control panels, cabling and assembly. We develop high quality products: by carrying out high-standard assembly, respecting the client’s specific needs, guaranteeing quality of materials, carrying out thorough inspections and offering rapid assistance.


AL.CA. is the ideal partner in the automotive sector, offering a specialised service. We make cables in which AMP SUPERSEAL connectors are installed to meet needs in impermeable applications. The experience and reliability of our team guarantee flexibility and speed, for an efficient service.


AL.CA. is expanding its presence in this market sector. A specialised team carries out electrical assembly for lighting systems, with particular attention to design and ergonomics of the final product. We also create display stands for high range products.


AL.CA. is perfectly in line with the characteristics of the industry 4.0. We create electrical panels for automation and industrial robotics, we offer electrical design and we produce on board cabling in vehicles. We distinguish ourselves for the care we take in every detail and the punctuality with which we deliver our goods to the client. AL.CA. is a company that continues to invest in innovative technologies to allow continuous improvement in the production process and ensure high performance.